Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just to Ponder

event horizonImage by darkmatter via Flickr
  • We cannot be in tune with infinite unless we are in tune with ourselves. ~ Akbar Ali Jetha
  • By the time a man understands his father was right, he has a son, who thinks he is wrong. ~ Mona Spring
  • In the odds & evens of Life, one thing is for sure; the show must go on.
  • This is our work, who we are, what you can count on.
  • "To stand for Individual progress without hurting others is nice. To stand for Team's progress is nicer. To stand for the progress of Society & Mankind is noble." Let's take a stand to do something noble.
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How I feel about that...Image by scriptingnews via FlickrAnger is a completely normal, usually healthy, negative human emotion. Why do we have it? I think it is because we want to Control situations of the past which we can't and to Control people's behaviour, the way we want them to behave them.

While thinking over it I found that it is due to image in our mind set which triggers Anger when ever it differs from our set image of situation or person which we have created for the person/ situation and that may be totally different.

I think we can win over this emotion by removing our expectations from people / situation. It's really easier said then done. But, I believe, we can start experimenting by making a declaration of having a day of no expectations with hubby, co-workers, kids, traffic, pollution, fund managers, bankers or even systems.

Are you ready to play the game? An invitation to share your views and experiences along with your thoughts on Anger.
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