Friday, September 11, 2009

‘One-minute silence can help you reinvent yourself’

      “It is human to react to situation that you would term as out of your control. You tend to get annoyed when things don’t go as you wish to. In doing so, you start distancing yourself from your goals and focus. The multiplication of such reactions develops a negative attitude. You charge your mobile phone today but don’t charge your mind. Your thoughts are constantly hovering over your mind that takes away peace from it. We can’t deny the fact that everyone is busy, but spare one minute during day’s work, keep silence in your mind and give it a break. It will delete unnecessary stuff from your mental frame and you will surely feel relaxed, redefined and be able to reinvent yourself. This is the charging of your mind that will also change your attitude and outlook.”

       Speaking on ‘Studying the Science of Attitude’ at AMA’s ‘All Round Grooming – Inspiration Lessons from Indian Wisdom’, Brahma Kumari Shivani said, “Every living or non-living thing needs a pause, which is a big process of rectification of future. In today’s world, what counts most is your attitude. It can make or break you. Your feelings follow your thoughts and the action is derived through your attitude that is your personality, image and future. What comes back to me is my destiny, but it came back from what I sent."

    She said, people tend to write everyone else’s scripts but never find time or even think to write their own script. When people don’t act according to your script, you react impulsively and rudely. You can’t change others.

    "I am not saying you shouldn’t try to change things for the good, but be objective. This will balance the equilibrium of your thoughts, action and attitude. Only we are responsible for what we are today. Don’t pass the blame on others. In the last one year, there are plenty of cases seeking solace and solutions from psychiatrists and astrologers. Why? These people did not read the process of recession and didn’t change their attitude and way of life. If you want to be happy, start focusing on what is in your control. Alcohol and anger add to the woes of the person whose situation arises out of his own action,” she said. 

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