Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Few Foundations of Jainism!!!!!! (Part I)

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  • Namo Arihantanam:  I pay respect to any living human beings who has conquered his inner enemies.
  • Jai Jinendra means honour to the supreme Jina. And Jina means ..the Jin and which means the peson who is a spiritual victor.
  • The pillar of Jainism is Ahimsa or Non violence in thought and deed towards fellow human beings and other even the smallest forms of life and living.
  • Truthfulness.
  • Meditation.
  • An individual has to achieve own salvation. 
  • Salvation means termination of the cycle of birth and deaths and soul getting liberated to eternal bliss and infinite knowledge.
  • Each one has a pure soul but it is surrounded by karmic matter. The nature of Karmic matters determine the quality of a living being and thus the proportion of efforts required to liberate the soul. Karmic materail is that material which is around the soul. One is talking here not of karmas ( actions) but the karmic materials. 
  • The soul has a longing to get liberated from the karmic matter around it.
  • The Soul is a structure which consists and contains the knowledge, perceptions, bliss and energies.
  • Around the soul, there is a karmic matter consisting of very subtlest sub-atoms known karmons which float freely around the soul. Higher the amount of karmic matters around the soul, that gets it polluted by the presence of karmic subatomic particles.

to be continued..........

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