Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A special message from Darren Hardy:

English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Saddle-backed Rodrigues giant tortoise
Saddle-backed Rodrigues giant tortoise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
“It’s cool to be a tortoise!”

That is what my friend’s son said when asked by his father what he learned by reading The Compound Effect.

“That’s neat,” I replied. My friend quickly corrected me, “No, it goes beyond neat. Let me explain. Dillan is constantly seeking shortcuts. If he doesn’t see results almost immediately, he gets frustrated, bored and usually gives up. I believe The Compound Effect changed a critical and fundamental philosophy that will alter his future, in my opinion.”

I admitted, “You are right, that’s way more than ‘neat’!”

How many times have you been like Dillan… or the hare?

How many diet books, programs, creams, or pills have you bought that promised overnight results with little effort?

How many Internet riches, day-trading, get rich quick books have you bought?

Do you leap to a fast start but quickly get distracted and off track, if not even drop out of the race entirely?

The tortoise always wins. Why? Because he or she is relentlessly consistent. It’s not how fast you start; it’s how long you endure. Consistency is one of the core fundamentals of success.

So then, how do you keep yourself constantly motivated and steadfastly consistent?

That is just one of the important success strategies I will teach you inside The Compound Effect.

Here are just a few of the other “cool things” (as Dillan would call them) you will learn inside:
  • Identifying and eliminating the bad habits that derail progress or cause failure… some you might be completely unaware of.
  • Painless and foolproof ways of installing new success disciplines needed to excel in building your business or any area of life.
  • Developing success behaviors into daily routines so they are concrete
  • How to develop a productivity rhythm that leads to catching momentum in the building of your business as well as every other aspect of life
  • Acceleration secrets of superachievers; how they get an unfair advantage… and how you can too!
Close your eyes. You are at the starting line; the gun is about to sound. Decide now: tortoise or hare?
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