Friday, February 6, 2009

The heart never lies; the mind never tells the truth

The friendship with a master is no ordinary friendship. It has a reverence in it, love in it, devotion in it, tremendous gratitude in it.

It is a multidimensional phenomenon.

The ordinary friendship is a worldly thing, mundane. The spiritual friendship is not of this world, it belongs to the beyond.

The understanding of the mind has no significance. In the world of spirituality it is only the heart that has to be listened to and followed. Your heart is giving you the answer. I am simply repeating it so that it becomes clear to you.

The heart never lies; the mind never tells the truth. The mind is a great speaker; the heart is very silent but it also expresses itself in tears.

The friendship with the master includes everything that is beautiful in all other relationships, and it excludes everything that is ugly in all our human relationships. It is the pure essence, the very fragrance of all our human relationships. It includes everything, but only the best part of it, the very cream of it.

Rejoice that it is happening to you and that your heart is strong enough not to let the mind decide. Your heart is strong enough to be the master and let the mind be simply a servant.

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  1. Wonderful read! Thanks for sharing. I too am a fan of OSHO!