Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Family Clinic: 50 family physicians

A body formed by Gujarat-based doctors has come up with a novel plan to oust quacks and make healthcare services more accessible in Ahmedabad and other parts of the state.

The body, Gujarat State Family Physicians’ Forum (GSFPF), has persuaded 50 physicians, who run private clinics, to operate under an umbrella brand, ‘The Family Clinic’, and adopt same set of standards of medical practice.

For instance, currently only your family physician knows your medical history — i.e. the diseases you are prone to, the medicines you are allergic to and the treatments you respond to the most, among others.

Now, if your physician gets affiliated to ‘The Family Clinic’ brand, then your medical history will be accessible to doctors at all other member clinics. This, effectively, means that you can avail healthcare services not just in your area of residence, but anywhere in the city, without fretting over faulty diagnosis and inflated bills. 

50 family clinics to open today
There are more than 1,500 physicians in Ahmedabad. In fact, the 50 physicians who have agreed to operate under the same brand will reopen their clinics on Sunday. The clinics are located in Naranpura, Ghatlodia, Vastrapur, Maninagar, Sabarmati, Satellite and Shahpur, among other areas.

Sharing of medical records will enable better treatment
Vachharajani said that a software would be installed at all family clinics to enable sharing of patients’ medical records. All family clinics will follow a common protocol for treatment of diseases. They will run various check-up programmes, and will also share data on various diseases with the government and NGOs.

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