Sunday, September 28, 2008

In The Morning

Morning ForestImage via WikipediaAll we have ever dreamed to know
Has not been seized

In the Morning I awaken to a new potential
I am given this day where possibilities are waiting to be born
A thousand lies seek to undertake at dawns first light
to overthrow the throne of truth deep within me
We have set up our camp together
We have known what to expect
Those who seek war,
seek war in secret
Attack while we rest

This is the waking mind
Ready to proclaim anything quiet
Ready to steal happiness
Ready to throw arrows of destruction before the sun even rises

I look to your face for their I see our future
Along your closed eyelids I see memories of the family you love so deeply
You have kept watch over me all night
Even asleep I recall your guarding footsteps

A King protects his Kingdom
And I shall love you among those who are walking
Dead to their dreams
Dead to their purpose
Dead to their visions

Yes ..We are strangers here in this land we once called home
My love weeps for you just as yours does for me
Our deep personal experience has brought us to new revelations

No one saw our tears and that could sadden any heart
Our embrace for this very cause was for us alone
To bring understanding in truth and a promise to those we love saying

Even though…

We may appear lost in a society of conditions
that which is divine cannot be called human
The message of truth we have discovered and have shared for our Father IS
And forever more shall BE a direction
For we carry
our Fathers heart
our Fathers passion and in this we become our Fathers light

we have found possibilities
We have uncovered ancient wisdoms of the beginning
we have passed from death to life
we have accepted our faith from our experience

And when they rise up to separate us
We remember our souls are eternal because our faith does not come from here
Our faith is a living faith that flows from our Father

Remember the father of earth who believes his entire life he has failed
Rise up and be made new ….with fresh faith to offer his newborn son the very best of his spirit
The very nature of this is just as the sun rises in the morning
And he allows no failure to crumble his spirits
He has found victory

Remember the trees each beautiful and unique even in the fall
They are not tied to the moments of the past or captured by the summer winds
Freely they move not by authority but by freedom and liberty

Our embrace through the night has kept us safely through until morning
Because it did not come from what we forced ourselves to do

We have found our common home
We have uncovered our common desires
We are the Living Faith of our Home

All we have ever dreamed to know
Has not been seized

For it is the Will of our Father
And can be renewed on earth anywhere.
In every morning.


Resource Colleen Ranney's FB Notes
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