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‎"Let your conversation be impeccable"

Mind Control
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This is the most important and most difficult to fulfill. However, it can transcend your current life and reaches this level, which can be called "heaven on earth." ''Let your conversation be perfect ', it looks simple and yet it is indeed a power ...
But why pay attention to your speech? Because it is your creative power. Speech allows you to express yourself and show you. Whichever way you speak or your intention, it is revealed through speech. What you dream, you feel and what you really are, all this is 'by word'.
It's a gift that comes from God. The book of Genesis in the Bible, speaking of the Creation of the Universe says, "In the beginning was the word (or verb), and the Word was with God and the Word was God."
The word is your most powerful tool as a human being. It is a magical instrument. It is a force that represents your ability to communicate, to think or create events in your life. But as a double-edged sword, your word can create the most beautiful dreams or destroyed around you. Depending on how it is used, the word can free you or enslave you more than you can imagine. It's a magical power you have. Your word is pure magic and misuse of black magic.
The word is so powerful one word can change a life or destroy the lives of millions of people. Decades ago, the word of one man changed the course of history by manipulating a nation populated by intelligent people leading them to war.
The human mind is like our fertile soil in which seeds are planted continuously and opinions, ideas or concepts are activated. Plant a seed, a thought and it grows. The human mind is fertile and his word is like a seed. However, it is often too fertile for the seeds of fear. It is therefore important that our mind has its fertility and is prepared to receive the "seeds of love." Be careful not to sow "seeds of fear" that develop with a force that is able to cause massive destruction and war.
Thus, for our word, we can either cast a spell on someone, either in free because every man is a magician
"Impeccability," see what we mean by that word. It comes from the Latin meaning pecatus sin and its radical im: none. This means "without sin."
In general a sin is something you commit against yourself. Everything you feel, think or do against yourself is a sin. When you think, you act so against yourself.
To be without sin is to be perfect and you assume responsibility for your actions without judging, without criticism.
To reject oneself is the greatest sin you can commit, self-rejection is a mortal sin. Being impeccable, however, this leads to life.
So always have a perfect word.
Love "Self" is so beneficial.
So, to love others, you should always start with yourself. ..."
by Stéphanie Varanda
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