Monday, December 5, 2011


The first son of blacksmith Gihei Honda and his wife Mika, Soichiro Honda began his career in 1922 as an apprentice auto repairman. Honda also participated in auto races and became interested in cars and motorcycles. 
Soon he was experimenting with engines, and in 1928 he attempted to design a new type of piston to improve the performance of cars. He was sure his attempt would yield path breaking results. 
He offered his designs to Toyota. The engineers turned his offer down, without even meeting him. But he did not lose heart. His repeated attempts at meeting Toyota engineers finally succeeded; but only to see that his product was ridiculed by them. Not losing heart, he went into great details to convince them. At last he obtained an order to supply pistons to Toyota.
Honda invested all his resources – money, materials, knowledge, and hard work – as capital and constructed a plant for producing pistons. Suddenly, there was an earthquake in Japan that destroyed his factory.
Yet, Honda reposed faith in his own ability. Once again, he started construction afresh. When it was ready and the production was to start the following week, World War II broke out. Bombs bombarded Japan and most of Country was devastated and so was Honda’s factory.
Although Honda lost his factory, property, wealth and friends, he did not lose his self-confidence.  He continued his efforts and began to construct his factory for the third time.
Today, the Honda Car Company produces and sells more cars than many others.  Honda was not only an example for the word ‘PERSEVERANCE’ but also added honour to it.

Keep persevering…victory is certain.

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