Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be Cheerful & Positive ~ Optimistic Paradigms

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Life is full of ups & downs. Some moments are there that bring sunshine, others battle the rain. But whatever life's moments have in store for us, we can redefine them according to our own paradigms that teach us to be optimistic in every situations. Because we know for sure, nothing is more powerful than our will, our hope, our positive attitude. Because we know the sun will come back; things will always get better.

Be cheerful at all times. At first you don't have to believe it-just do it. Act it. Pretend, but do it. After a little while you will find it is not an act, you are not pretending, you genuinely do feel cheerful.

Putting on a smile triggers hormones. These hormones will make you feel better. Once you feel better you will smile more and thus produce more hormones.

All it takes is the first few days smiling when you don't feel like it and you will start cycle going that will make you feel better all the time.

And it is known fact that everyone likes a cheerful person who is relaxed, confident, mature and dictates the positive vibes. People will want to hang out with that person more - there is nothing so attractive as a cheerful person.

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