Friday, January 16, 2009

PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST ~ Personal Management

Whatever endeavor we take, first flashes in our mind frame. We see the possibility of it's potential in the light of our own conscience. It is called mental creation, that we cautiously integrate in our brain. It also reflects our own uniqueness and the personal, moral and ethical guidelines that persuade to fulfill our desires most happily.

Then there is second creation, the physical creation. It is the actualization, the natural emergence of our habits. It is the exercise of independent will towards becoming principle centered. We are in a habit to put first things first by practicing effective self-management. Self-management that is the breaking down, the time-bound left brain aspect of effective self-government.

How you can attain this power of self-management? It is not so difficult to attain this power. Switch on the wheel of your self awareness system that will ignite your conscience. Finally it will energize your independent will and make effective self-management possible.

The human will is an amazing thing. Time after time, it has triumphed against unbelievable odds. So be enthusiastic, give your will a trust.
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