Friday, January 23, 2009

Never LIE ~ Truthfulness

DenialImage by Michelle Brea via FlickrTell what you believe, what you are aware of. Tell what you know, no more, no less. It sets you into a more when you don't have to think twice. Never lie. Under no circumstances do you lie. Once you have got a reputation as someone who never lies you won't ever be asked to cover up, or cover for anyone else.

If you decide to lie for a living you have too many choices and decisions. Where do you draw the line? Do you only tell little lies? Great big ones? Do you lie to save yourself? others? How developed your lies be?

Can you see some problems? If you have simple rule-never lie- you have a default setting that requires no thoughts, no choices, no decisions, no alternatives, no picking, no jeopardy and not sleeping nights.

Never lie is really the simplest, cleanest, most honest approach to our working life and career. It stems from our habit of truthfulness. When we know we are allowed to talk according to our own knowledge and comprehension. When we know we are allowed to take actions according to own experience. And what better way to live a dignified life that advocates peace and semblance.

Always go by your principle of truthfulness. Always invite straight and simple way of living. Experience life in the light of truth.

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