Monday, January 19, 2009


There are state-of-the-standard rules and dictum's. Then there are state-of-the-individual norms that we set according to our own ethos and envision. These norms are the state-of-the-individual reflection of our own being and remains our guiding force all through. Just jot down your own set of rules that you will try to abide by.

  • I will not knowingly hurt or hinder another human being in the pursuit of my career.
  • I will not knowingly break any law in the furtherance of my career.
  • I will have a moral code that I will follow no matter what.
  • I will endeavor to provide a positive contribution to society by what I do for a living.
  • I will not do anything that I could be ashamed to talk to my children about.
  • I will put my family first at all times.
  • I will play by the rules at all times.
The above code of conducts are some examples we need to follow for a harmonious and respectful life. Not necessarily, all these above rules will suit our own course of actions. We may need or have a better set for our personal conduct, it should bracket superior traits that comprise positive and proactive elements we need to network and nurture. We must endeavor to be the very, very best we can at all times.
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