Saturday, January 17, 2009

HAVE A PLAN ~ Systematic Endeavor

Most of us don't practice concrete planning methodologies for our works, and that is why we fail. To write success in our life or business, we must follow a definite course of actions - long terms or short terms.

Long term plans can be easy to narrate, they are sensible and workable. For example, if we intend having a career, it is wise to work out a long term game plan for our respective industry or profession. And only then it is possible for us to foresee the progression, needed to make it to the position we aspire to hold. Work out what it takes to make those objectives. Work out what we seek in each step-gaining experience, handling responsibility, learning new skills, acquiring people management, understanding that sort of things. Work out how we can materialize each step, it doesn't take much to work out what we need to acquire that how. Finally, we have to have an end game - the final goal. But it should be realistic and in tune with our capabilities, no more no less.

On the other hand, Short term plan vary according to our time span and urgency. For example we have short term plans of this month, this year, five years etc. Our one month short term plan includes our current work projects, our one year plan schedules, projects which are being formulated, our five years plan lists, our dreams, ideas, wishes goals etc.

All these plans should be devised in the light of our own practical cognition, so that we can proceed to put this into action and make them happen.

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