Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jewellery: You can wear this ring & eat it too

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A student of lifestyle and accessory design at the National Institute of Design (NID) here has a unique pill for people faced with sugar levels dropping fast to pregnant women and children in need of energy — edible jewellery. If a diabetic can munch on sugar candies embedded in her ring to keep the level up, a pregnant woman can gorge on the delicious “imli” stored in her pendant.

“These are jewellery, parts of which are edible. They also have compartments, which can store small amount of food items. The jewellery, that I am in the process of creating, can be in gold, silver or any semi-precious metal. The range will have pendants, rings, and key chains. These accessories will have molded sugar candies in the form of beads or other shapes,” added Kureshi. 

Sugar, in the shape of diamonds, will replace real diamonds in my range of jewellery,” said this NIDian, also a fine arts graduate from MS University. “I am also working on storing sugar, honey and even chocolate in the jewellery. They will be laminated in plastic or wrapped in silver and gold foils. This could also be developed into jewellery for children and pregnant women,” added Kureshi.

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