Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shaping Young Minds

A lecture series - Shaping Young Minds - organised by All India Management Institute (AIMA), Ahmedabad where the four guest speakers (Indian Icon's) share their life's experiences with the students on the role of youth in nation building:
The seminar was meant to inspire young people, mainly students and young professionals to channelize their thoughts and energies in right direction on Saturday, April 18th, 2009. Below, I share the thoughts and advisory given in the seminar where more than 500 people participated:
"Do what your heart tells you and you may just end up doing right."~ Kakkar
"If you know your worth and are honest in what you do, speak up and stand by what you think. In all probability, you will be heard."~ Kakkar
"If you really want something badly and think you cannot live without it, then leave it because you will anyway not get it."~ Kakkar
"In this sensitive period, huge responsibility is on youth to vote for right reasons. We should shun criminals in public life and use our voting powers. Politicians are accountable to people not the other way round."~ De
"The country needs to change for the better and we all should contribute to make India more democratic and tolerant."~ De
"Youth must work together for a unified world without any mindless bloodshed." ~ Khan
 "Music is one religion and it speaks only one language of love and peace."~ Khan
"We have numerous memorials for political leaders but not for any single artist who have given up their life in service of music."~ Khan

"Life is nothing but a bunch of stories and we learn more from stories than instructions. Management education is all about people, life and experiences." ~  Gopalkrishnan
"Leadership is not about speaking, it's about empathy. Be human." ~ Gopalkrishnan
"It is music that helps me connect with God." ~ Khan
"Every one comes and leaves this world without anything on hand. Then why should everyone be treated differently? There is need to realise that we only have a common God." ~ Khan
"Whatever you do should involve a lot of passion. Then there is no chance you will not succeed." ~ De 
"The day you close your mind to responses, voices and emotions of other people, you are finished." ~ De
"Young minds can contribute significantly in steering the nation forward. This programme will provide a unique platform for professionals to interact with leading icons from different fields." ~ S K Swamy, President AIMA
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