Thursday, April 9, 2009

Relationship Skills

  • "Only when you are in deep intimate relationship with life, does life open its heart to you. In that very opening one comes to know what truth is." ~ Osho
  • Each relationship contributes something to your inner enrichment. The more you spread into people, the more you expand. You have a bigger soul." ~ Osho
A strong, healthy relationship is one in which the partners show respect and kindness toward each other. The relationship forms a rewarding and enduring bond of trust n support.

If you are comfortable with others, they will feel comfortable around you. If you appear nervous, others will sense it and may withdraw. If you are meeting with someone first time, cheer up as if you've rediscovered a long-lost friend.
A smile will always be the most powerful builder of rapport. Communicating

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  1. Thats a simple but effective message...Some people are extremely intuitive in sensing vibes (nervousness, anger, danger, etc) in others.