Thursday, April 9, 2009

Web Designer? Enter Competition

Whether you are an experienced or budding web designer ....
  • Would like to host any of the material available on on your own website and design your own front end?
  • Or use your design skills to create your own website which links to the material on (to save on your web band-width)?
... Yes? ... then read on ..... is running a competition to design the best visual and navigation system for the material on

Assessment: Each competition entry's assessment will be based on the following aspects:
  1. appearance
  2. navigation
  3. technical merit
  4. novel ideas
Further Ideas for entrants to consider: Presentation in other languages!

How to Enter:
  1. To enter the competition all you have to do is create your website.
  2. then send us an e-mail on Competition Email. Please include the following details:
    • your website URL,
    • your name,
    • your email address and
    • your location in the world.
  3. The competition starts now and the competition closing date is Diwali - 18 October 2009.
Prize - Yes there is a prize ....So all you budding web enthusiasts ... time to get cracking!
  1. If your design wins ... the prize is that will host the design, with full credit to you, on as a micro-site.
  2. Winner(s) will also be announced on the Whats New
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