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Significance of Mahavir Jayanti

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Among all the Jain festivals Mahavir Jayanti is regarded as the most important festival of the Jains. It celebrates the birth anniversary of Mahavir. According to the Digambar school of Jainism, Lord Mahavira was born in the year 615 BC. He was the son of Siddhartha and Trisala.
It is said that the expectant mother had sixteen auspicious dreams before the child was born. Astrologers intepreting these dreams, stated that the child would be either an emperor or a Teerthankar. This religious event is largely observed by the Jains, by visiting sacred sites and worshipping the Teerthankars.
Mahavir Jayanti, is celebrated during the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra, festivities last for one day. Mahavir Jayanti occurs on the thirteenth day of Chaitra, right around the time of the full moon. Chaitra is equivalent to the months of March and April. The religion of Jainism does not believe in God as a creator, survivor, and destroyer of the universe.

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